The Various Kinds of Toronto Hotels

The Toronto hotels can be divided into three different categories; the extended stay, the full service and the limited service. Although the precise facilities that a hotel guest can expect will change from one hotel to another, there are some basic items that will be there at all of them whether it is the Toronto airport hotel or one of the downtown Toronto hotels. Here we will see what the various amenities and services are that one can expect in these hotels.

Lodging that is long term is an extended stay property. These are especially popular among people who are moving to a new place where their permanent accommodation is yet to be ready or yet to be found. In such Toronto hotels the room rates are pretty low but then so are the amenities that are provided. Some of them might be a little more welcoming than others but basically they don’t provide very much more than a room.

Most of these rooms might come with a parking space and laundry facilities. The rooms are well maintained but maid services will be available just once or twice a week. Hence these places are cheaper. The downtown Toronto hotels on the other hand are situated where all the buzz and excitement is so you will find a good choice of luxurious rooms and suites there.

Then you have the limited service Toronto hotels. The hotel facilities provided here differ a lot as this market has a lot of competition and there are a lot of profits to be earned. Since such hotels in Toronto could compete with the full service hotels, they provide an additional range of amenities than would be available in an ordinary travel lodge.

Like the downtown Toronto hotels, they will provide maid service on a daily basis and probably even have a pool or a workout room. If they have meeting rooms, they will be very limited and small. Besides, most of them have now started providing free breakfast as a marketing tactic to draw more customers.

The full service Toronto hotels have the best in hotel facilities but then the rates are also a lot higher as compared to the other two categories. To find the best rates, it would be wise to pick one of the downtown Toronto hotels close to a limited service hotel as the full service Toronto hotels will be forced to lower their prices in order to draw more customers to fill their rooms.

Among the full service Toronto hotels are the Hilton and the Marriott. While limited service loyalty programs get you extra points for rooms, full service hotels treat returning customers like kings with free breakfast and cocktail hours. Most of the downtown Toronto hotels are equipped with swimming pool, a well equipped fitness club, exceptional meeting rooms, a snack shop, banquet facilities and a full service restaurant.

So if you are looking for some pampering, check out the full service downtown Toronto hotels right here or pick from the many other Toronto hotels as per your budget.

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