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How to Get the Most Out of a Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit is essentially a review of your company’s digital marketing activities, checking on what campaigns and strategies are working for you and what is not. The best way to conduct successful digital marketing audits is to go with a professional Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere, who are experts in this field.

To make the most of a digital marketing audit, you need to audit every aspect of your digital marketing efforts, including:

Analytics Audit 

This is the aspect of checking things like whether the correct goals are being reached, where your customers are and what your top performing pages are. An experienced Digital Marketing Agency will use Google Analytics or another analytics tool to check these.

SEO Audit 

Checking on the technical aspect of your website, content, back link building etc., and how successful these are in driving traffic. If you are running campaigns in ecommerce digital marketing, this will include checking the page loading speeds, organic traffic, content etc. for your ecommerce site. This is very useful for certain industries that depend on the online experience where their main goal is lead generation, such as lead generation or real estate businesses in Melbourne.

PPC Audit 

If you are running paid campaigns together with a PPC Agency, an audit of your PPC campaigns is very important. Checking to see if you are getting the highest possible ROI for the money you are spending on your advertising through SEM is needed to review which campaigns are successful and which are not and need to be eliminated or changed. A successful way of auditing your PPC campaigns is to go with an agency who is a Google Premier Partner as they have access to all Google tools etc.

Marketing Tools Audit 

A good Agency who is a Google Premier Partner in Melbourne will use many tools and technologies when running successful campaigns. A marketing tools audit will comprise of checking on these tools and tech and how and where to improve them. Even a Lead Generation Agency will use certain marketing tools and techniques, and an audit of these is a great way of staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

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