Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop for Travel

When you are looking for a new laptop, there are a lot of things to consider. What is your budget? How portable do you need it to be? What type of activities will you be using it for? In this post, I will share my top tips for choosing the best laptop for your needs. Whether you are a travel blogger or just need a computer for everyday tasks, I have something for everyone here. So, let’s get started!

Laptop Size

Laptops are available in a range of sizes. Some are just too big to travel , especially if you’re constantly moving. The smaller laptops are fantastic in size , but you must ensure to ensure that they have Windows in case you require that. The majority of smaller laptops come with the Chrome OS.

The screen size can vary from 11 inches the 17-inch range. The majority of laptops with a medium size measure 14 and 15 inches and have a screen large enough that you can see clearly, but won’t make up a large portion of the size of your backpack. Sizes smaller than 15 inches are available with screens that can be detached, which could prove beneficial in some situations.

Laptop Weight

Laptops of today are much lighter than previous models, however the larger the laptop, the heavier it is. Small laptops are usually three pounds or less, while the larger models can reach 8 pounds.

That’s a lot of extra weight, particularly in the case of carry-on travel and you’re required to utilize all weight allowance.

Operating Systems

Laptops are mainly equipped with three operating systems i.e Windows, Apple OS and Chrome (Android) OS. Windows is by far the most used operating system in laptops then followed by Apples and MacBooks while Chrome being on the lower end , but with less features.

I’d recommend sticking with or Windows or Apple since my experience is that the Chrome OS very limited once you’re looking to do anything more than browsing the internet or creating emails. It doesn’t have the support for programs that are similar to the first two operating systems.

The choice from Windows or Apple isn’t easy and there are many reasons to choose which one to choose over another.

If you already have Apple products, you may prefer to use MacBook’s since everything is in sync using similar systems. If you don’t own any Apple products, you won’t be able to afford one that’s not aligned.

Windows laptops are manufactured by various manufacturers and offer a wide range of specifications due to this. This means that you can purchase the items you want.

With Apple the cheapest MacBook costs $999 US and does not come with as many features for the price compared to comparable laptops running Windows operating system. It’s commonly called the Apple Tax from Windows users.

Build Quality

Travel blogging will typically involve traveling around, but not always on luxurious buses or trains. Sometimes, you could be on a rough road and the gear you are using being thrown around in the same way.

Laptop cases will shield laptops however, having a well-constructed case will make a difference in making sure it endures the journey and will be usable once you reach the destination.

A majority of laptops nowadays consist of metals and plastics, mostly aluminum. I’d suggest looking for one that is made of more metal and less plastic , as they’re stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

Also , look at the keyboard. Is it sturdy? Are the keys properly fixated? We’ve had to repair a handful of laptop keyboards, and it isn’t the most cost-effective or simple task to complete, particularly when you’re on the move.

The oldest, most affordable and most heavy laptop has the most powerful keys, which shows that cost and brand new aren’t always the most efficient.

Apple MacBook’s are constructed of recycled aluminum alloy and are sturdy, that, in combination with being extremely lightweight makes them a fantastic choice. Naturally, the price is reflected in this. Even though it’s sturdy, I’d invest in a appropriate case that will safeguard your laptop from scratches and scrapes.


Although important, I don’t consider this as high as other factors. The main reason is that you’ll typically receive what you spend for. If you’re running your profitable company on this computer, then this isn’t the right ideal place to make a few slacks.

Be sure to look for the previous year’s models since they tend to be less expensive, but come with similar specifications. Also , certain seasons are superior to other times.

My advice is to invest the maximum amount you are able to manage to. While upgrading your desktop is simple sufficient, upgrading laptops is more difficult and you’ll probably not be able to make any changes after purchasing.

Take a look at what you’ll need in the next two years (at the very least, how long your laptop can last) and ensure that you’re prepared.

Disk Storage

The most difficult choice is choosing the right storage, and also the type of storage. There are three main types, Solid State Drive (SSD) and Normal moving hard drive, and cloud or online storage. In order to reduce space and weight, they have slimmed down their computers.

One option was to swap off the DVD drive, which is no longer in use in the majority of people’s lives. the other option was to decrease the size of hard drives . This makes people use cloud storage. It is a good way to earn additional money and also allows for to sync between devices. However, it requires a high-quality internet connection, which you might or not have.

SSD are the most efficient for performance, but they are more expensive and consequently, laptops offer less amounts of storage using an SSD hard drives. 128 GB , or even up to 256GB. Personally, I think this is inadequate and as the size of operating systems and files grow bigger , the SSD will be filled up fast. If you are able to get 500 GB 1 TB or more of storage, it would be ideal, but you should be prepared to search around and invest lots of money.

It’s commonplace on larger computers to come with 100 GB of SSD and then 1 TB hard drive. This is a requirement to transfer files around, which isn’t the most ideal solution, but it does give you a more powerful computer than one using an ordinary hard drive.

If you’re satisfied and are using cloud storage, this restriction on storage could not be a problem for you.

Hard drives of the past are moving parts that spins. Naturally, it’s not as fast in terms of operation and is a component which can fail (this is very rare however). It is a plus that it is possible to get 1 or 2 TB quickly and at a reasonable cost compared to the same amount available on an SSD. If you’re not doing a lot of video editing , I would not think about an SSD in the event that you do not have budget to buy it.

The majority of people use cloud storage, particularly for photographs. Anyone who has an Google account and an Android phone will get 15GB of storage per day for files and photos. However, this isn’t enough and you’ll have to buy 1 or 2TB of storage which, although not too expensive, is an ongoing expense that is difficult to put off. Imagine trying to transfer 600GB of data onto the external drive using a the computer.

My suggestion if you choose to opt for this option is to thoroughly research the possibilities and select one you believe you’ll be happy within 5-10 years.

Battery Life

The simple way to put it, the larger the laptop, the larger the battery, and the less time to recharge the battery. The majority of laptops have comparable battery life nowadays in the event that they’re similar in dimensions. Be sure to check this before buying one, however to ensure that it’s good.

Most laptops will give you about 4 to 6 hours of continuous use when they’re brand new fully charged. It will get shorter when the battery gets older. MacBooks are among the longest battery lives of any laptop, but you’ll have to pay for it, at a price that starts up to $999 US.

Another thing to consider could be whether the battery an internal or external. That is, if you are able to remove it by yourself, without disassembling the computer. Benefits include having an extra battery in case you anticipate that you’ll be without power for a prolonged period or simply replacing the battery at time it’s over.

It doesn’t matter if it’s outside or inside won’t affect the operation of the facility, therefore I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for either of them unless you really have to.

Computer Processing Unit (CPU) and RAM

These two aspects are equally crucial and create the computer into its purpose. It is ideal to have the highest quality of both, which your budget will allow.

CPU’s are produced by several companies, however Intel is usually the most popular manufacturer. The size of the CPU is categorized in addition to generation (age) you’ll want the best amount you can afford, but don’t go with anything less than an i5 for a minimum. It is possible that you can buy an 7th generation i7 as well as an 8th Generation for the same amount. It’s worth looking closely at the numbers. While it’s not impossible to upgrade but it’s expensive to do so , so choose carefully.

Ram is akin to short-term memory and you need the most powerful memory that you are able to afford. In general, 8 Gb of RAM is sufficient for most users, but if 12 Gb is available, go for it if you are able to afford it. 4GB of RAM isn’t the best option and you’ll run into problems editing your video and images when you have only the amount.

In contrast to the CPU, a number of laptops permit you to upgrade your RAM and you might realize that the capacity of the CPU is sufficient however the RAM is a little low (a method of computer manufacturers to save money). It is usually not expensive to upgrade the RAM. I’ve paid just $100 US to add an additional 8GB of RAM on an laptop, after purchasing it. A purchase from the store with that price would have cost me another $300 and came with several specifications I didn’t require.

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