Top Bollywood Movies and Music – The Flavour of India

Bollywood movies and music have been cherished by Indians for a long time, almost forever. They are the second most important thing after cricket. The Hindi songs and movie dialogues are preferred by most. This leaves us with no doubt of why India produces the most number of movies. From the classic Mother India” to the comical Golmaal 3, they have become a part of them, it defines who they are.

The most important ingredient in Bollywood movies are its songs. No movie is ever complete unless there are songs in it. It takes the story forward. It is this very reason that is making Indian movies so popular globally. At one point of time there used to be a dozen songs or so in movies which have been reduced to about five or six over time.

Nowadays, one of these five or six songs has what is known as the item song” and catches on like wild fire. Sooner or later it is heard as ringtones, caller tunes, on iPods and stereos. Many people download the free music on the internet and are able to get their hands on the songs before the cassettes and CDs are out.

Songs are melodious as well as entertaining in Bollywood movies. They have become more versatile over the years. The old Hindi songs used to be about love most of the time. Boyfriend – girlfriend love, brother – sister love, mother – son love and so on. Nowadays, there are songs on everything – love, hate, jealousy, marriage, friendship, fun, passion, etc.

Most of these songs are downloaded rather than purchased. A lot of websites offer free music download on their websites. As a result, more and more people have started downloading songs from the internet rather than buying and sharing them with friends which makes more sense. Now that it is so easy to acquire music, more people listen music of their choice.

There are Bollywood magazines too which gives information about the latest movies along with Bollywood photos. Singing is a talent held highly among Indians. Singers like Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, etc. are some of the all time favorite singers and people still listen to their songs.

People listen music sung by them and begin to dance, feel, day dream, fantasize, fall in love and a lot more. Most people already know the hindi shayari lyrics and sing along whenever or wherever it is played. The new and upcoming singers in the industry have made the industry a bigger place of talent than ever before. The dialogues in the hit Bollywood movies like Mughal – E – Azam, Sholay, Deewar and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge have the most famous dialogues among many others. People use many of these dialogues in a dramatic way in their day to day life with family and friends.

In this monotonous life, everyone needs a break once in a while. So to watch the new release on Friday evenings is something that is looked forward to with great joy. here.

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