What is Enneagram – You Should Know

An Enneagram is a tool that helps you determine your personality type. This tool can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to be more successful in your personal and professional life. This tool also can help you to understand the functionalities of others and improve your self-awareness.

Enneagram personality types

The Enneagram personality types are a system of nine basic human personality types. Each of these types has a distinctive pattern of traits. These traits are determined by how we act and react to the world. The shape of the Enneagram has been around since Pythagoras’ time.

Enneagram types 5 and 6 are considered to be in the thinking center. These individuals make good counsellors. They deeply understand various perspectives and often connect with others intellectually. The problem with thinking center personality types is that they tend to be overly analytical and can feel uncomfortable losing control of their emotions.

Type 4 is a reflective, sensitive individual who feels unique. They strive for meaning in their lives and are often idealists. Their life is often lacking in something, and they are always searching for that missing piece.

Meaning of enneagram symbol

The Enneagram symbol is a tool that helps people to understand themselves better. Two lines connect its four basic types. Type One is related to Type 7, and Type Four is linked to Type 4. Each line represents an aspect of a person’s past. For example, the Type 1 line represents a repressed childhood type. To develop as an adult, the person must work through this part of their life. The second line defines a type the person may grow into in the future.

There are nine points in the Enneagram symbol. Each one represents a different personality type. These points are numbered clockwise from one to nine. Each point represents an aspect of personality and is used as a marker to determine the personality type.

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The symbolic meaning of enneagram numbers

Enneagram numbers can help understand a person’s personality and how they deal with different situations. There are nine types, each representing a unique personality and worldview. For example, a person in Type Five will make very different decisions and use other coping mechanisms than someone in Type Nine.

The Enneagram has roots in several wisdom traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Each of the nine types has a distinct strength and weakness and its own set of characteristics. Reformers, for example, are balanced and rational but tend to be controlling and critical. Examples of reformers include Confucius, Hillary Clinton, and Martha Stewart.

The symbolic meaning of enneagram wings

Enneagram wings are circular, much like the Enneagram symbol itself. The character is a circle with numbers and colours on both sides. The wings are essential to understand because they help you understand your Type and its characteristics. It also allows you better understand your personality.

The wings of the Enneagram represent the individual’s personality. People with branches of the Enneagram are often outgoing and flexible. They usually pay attention to others’ needs, and they can be very friendly with other people. But this also means they can be self-critical and themselves.

The wings of an Enneagram type can change. They may adopt a three-wing or a six-wing. The three wings are “The Achiever” and are more assertive than the five. Those with this wing tend to be more practical than the fourw5 subtype. A Five with the Six wings has an excellent aptitude for working with others and a strong interest in practical matters.

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